About Me.

Best Vacation:The jamberee 2010
Birth Month:May
Career Goals:To become a computer teche, pilot
Favorite Band(s):Green day, Linken park, Guns'n'roses
Favorite Lolly/Candy:cadbury
Favourite snack food” An apple
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Soda:Torqueys
Favourite Festival:Christamas and warrnambool show
Favorite Subject:ICT, PE, systems
Hobbies/Sports:Cricket, scouts, football, horse riding
Pet Peeve: Cleaning my room
Pets:Harryson-john My dog, Possem Magic and Bronte my horses.
Siblings:Sarah 12, Tracy 32, Mark,29
Favourite book: Just Crazy by Andy Griffiths
Favourite authors: Andy Griffiths, John Marsdon