A Rose for the ANZAC boy - A book trailer

Hi, my name is Georgia. I was born and live in Australia. My parents are both Australians and have spent there whole life living here. I live in a small rural town where only 300 people live here. I go to Hawkesdale P12 College. Im in year 9G. I have a brother in year 11 and a sister who is in year 12 completing her VCE.

Hawkesdale is a small rural town where most people live and work on farms. I am one of not many students who doesn't live on a farm. I am surrounded by farms. I have a big backyard with heaps of room to run around.

Some of my hobbies include piano and guitar. Right now I'm studying for a piano exam. I play netball every Saturday for 20 weeks and love it. With homework and spending time doing my hobbies I don't find much time to read. I do like reading though and find it very relaxing. I like reading historic books and my favourite author is Jackie French.

When I'm older I would love to travel. My sister has been to Qatar, China and is going to the Phillipines and every time she comes back with wonderful stories making me very jealous. I would like to go to the US, Africa, and Japan. I'm planning on going to China next year with our school. As a subject at school I learn Chinese Mandarin.

When I'm older I would like to become a journalist or a lawyer. When I was younger I wanted to be an author but found that I enjoyed retelling stories rather then writing them myself. Becoming a lawyer is a dream which started when one of my friends got a detention for talking too much in class and I argued politely with the teacher and I got my friend off with only a warning. Ever since I've wanted to aspire to being a lawyer.

Here is the link to my blog: skippy.global2.vic.edu.au