11 steps using to make your own - using Windows movie maker
Book Trailers for All wiki
Using photobabble post by Larry Ferlazzo
Many ideas from the Bright Ideas blog
CMIS WA site/blog
Book trailers for Readers This site has a number of books which have had trailers made about them. Worth a visit for ideas.
Big Friendly Giant Book Trailer
How to make a digital book trailer
Heaps of ideas on creating your movie trailer

get them to write narrative with hook, gripping moment, cliffhanger
Search in youtube for shiver and linger booktrailers

Some examples of book trailers
Forgetting yesterday
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
The Graveyard
Twilight - this uses movie scenes which we can't use, but gives you an idea of the sort of scripts used
Witch Fire
The Secret Garden
City of Bones