Welcome to Global Storytelling

Learning Intention of this project:
Students will learn about favourite books of students in Australia, Malaysia, China and Bulgaria. They will collaborate and share stories through using computer software and a shared wikispace. Students will also learn about the cultures in these different countries.

Success criteria:
Students will use computer software, to produce a 1 -2 minute book trailer. This book trailer may include text, images, voice and music. Students will not use copyright material of any kind.

This project has come about through connections with the Melbourne Writers' Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Students from a number of countries will
  • Nominate their favourite author
  • Share the title of their favourite book
  • Design a book trailer to promote their favourite book
  • Collaborate and interact culturally and globally

Schools involved will come from Australia, Malaysia and Bulgaria

Here are the schools involved:-
Country, School and Teachers
School logo
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Year 8, Hawkesdale P12 College

SMJK Poi Lam School, Ipoh, Malaysia

SJK (C) Ave Amaria Convent, Ipoh, Malaysia

5th Primary School Mityo Staneve, Bulgaria